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Accelerate user acquisition, retention and engagement
by building secure, blockchain-based loyalty and rewards programs.

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What is LoyaltyBase?

LoyaltyBase™ is a complete blockchain API to quickly build loyalty, rewards and cash back programs. It enable your team to develop unique and engaging loyalty experiences for your customers across all platforms and devices. LoyaltyBase stores all data in a cryptographically secure and immutable ledger running on a public or private blockchain.


LoyaltyBase API allows you to quickly build and deploy a secure loyalty, rewards and cash back program. Now you can:

  • Have an easy way to create tokens for your customers which can be associated to products, services or cashback

  • Engage your customers across multiple channels—including email, SMS, and push notifications

  • Send targeted messages and direct messages to your customers

  • Integrate with your current backend

  • Provide specialty and customized apps customized to manage your customer's mobile experience and affiliated commerces & partners to redeem benefits 

  • Be up & running with your own program in weeks, not months!

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