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5 Benefits of Hiring Remote Devs

You have a great idea. You have a picture of the impact this idea will have on the market. But you are daunted by the cost and trouble associated with development.

Or perhaps you are working on an exciting new project, with potentially huge implications for your organization. The concept and vision are in place, but the mammoth task of development threatens to derail the whole initiative.

What is the answer? 

It could be that working with the right remote team provides the solution. Taking this route provides many advantages, each of which could transform the way you develop your products and bring them to market.

Take a look at our five top benefits of hiring remote devs so you can get products built and get things done.


Benefit #1:
Clear, Unified Methodology

Connecting with a remote development team is connecting with a wealth of expertise and experience. What's more, this expertise and experience may be more flexible than you first realized.

This means direct integration with a team of quick learners who will rapidly take on board instruction and guidance on your organizational ethos and identity. Integration happens quickly, often within a single day, and the advantages can be harvested within only a short time spent working together.

Dan Rudigan from Atlassian highlighted this key benefit, discussing how "[remotely] distributed teams can work on projects around the clock" and identifying how such teams provide businesses with the agility required to thrive in the modern market.

Tying it all together is not so difficult either. With the right digital collaborative support - such as that provided by platforms like Trello - your organization and your remote teams will find themselves working towards the same ends, and enjoying a clear, unified methodology.

This methodology is an evolving one. Your in-house teams will learn from remote workers and vice versa, creating a base of knowledge which grows organically over time.


Benefit #2:
Reduced Time to Results

Developing apps and products for the blockchain or for the Cloud can be something of a headache, with numerous obstacles and snags to be overcome on the way to completion. Working with remote teams is an effective way to bypass this, ensuring that you have the right team members on the job without spreading your in-house staff too thin.

The modern remote development landscape is a streamlined and well-honed one, and the modern remote development team is ideally positioned to meet your needs across a variety of projects, from AWS DevOps and React Native jobs to proprietary blockchain applications. 

This means gaining access to team members who are pre-screened and who have the relevant experience when you work with the right service provider, and achieving high-level professional benefits in the process.


Benefit #3:
The Right Skills, Applied at the Right Time

And how does this benefit manifest itself in your development and testing procedures? By significantly reducing the time taken to bring a product to market, and ironing out any errors and bugs along the way.

Let's imagine you are building an application that harnesses the analytic power of Big Data and applies this power to transactions on the blockchain. This development process requires a very specific skill set; one which perhaps goes above and beyond the day to day operation of your business.

Let's also imagine that you hire an in-house team to handle this for you. Once the job is completed, you probably won't need their services again for several months or even years. Their talents are left unused. And yet, they are still on the payroll, so you work to shoehorn their skills into unsuitable projects. Costs begin to rise and the efficiency of your business suffers.

Remote teams, hired on a short-term basis, represent the solution here. Working with the right third party enables you to connect with the right skills at the right time, whenever you need them. Applying expertise in this way increases the flexibility and agility of your business in both the short and long term, leaving you ready to meet any challenge the market throws your way.

Remember to build the right kind of digital infrastructure within your business to support this kind of remote innovation. Applications such as Slack enhance levels of communication between in-house and remote teams, eliminating any miscommunication or misunderstanding and accelerating the onboarding process. Working with remote teams is an effective way to balance speed, efficiency, and effectiveness. Make sure your business is set up to get the very best out of such efforts.

Benefit #4:
Reduced Costs

The best ideas - even those generated by your own in-house teams - do not come for free. Developing the idea to a standard at which it is ready to hit the market costs serious dollars, but where does this cost come from?

In many cases, some of the resources come from diverting members of other teams to work on the project.

But what is the alternative? Not developing your great ideas at all? This can be even more costly and can result in your business missing golden opportunities for market penetration.

This is why working with remote teams is such an important concept in the modern development field. Connecting with the expertise offered by such remote teams can reduce costs in the following ways;

  • More robust testing procedures, reducing the need to re-do and re-do again: The less time your idea spends on the drawing board, the less expensive it will be to bring to market. With a fresh approach and formidable expertise, remote teams reduce errors and streamline the process.

  • No need to expand business premises: Onboarding new in-house teams means expanding your offices, and this costs money. Remote teams collaborate and communicate with your in-house staff digitally so there is no need for expensive investment in developing your property.

  • Better time management: Thousands of dollars are lost by businesses each year by staff members running late on the commute or getting held up by long lines at lunch breaks. With remote teams, there is no such concern.

  • Streamlined processes through innovation: Working with the right remote teams means working with team members who are equipped to innovate the right solution. This means a far more streamlined and cost-effective process overall.

  • Great ideas are developed to the fullest: There is nothing worse than missing out on a great opportunity. Remote teams give you the capability to explore your ideas to the fullest and to get the very best out of the fresh concepts and exciting initiatives your in-house teams generate.

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Benefit #5:

True innovation requires a double-pronged approach, targeting excellence in both idea generation and final execution. Taking on a remote team allows you to connect with their experience in helping customers to build products and implement innovative strategies in the workplace and beyond. This could be the ingredient your business needs to transform a great idea or company project into an effective product.

Of course, both your long term and short term objectives should be kept in mind during this process. You need solutions that are scalable; which not only work today but also continue to work going forward. The right remote teams will be able to offer this, at a fraction of the hassle and cost of opting to keep things in-house.


The remote marketplace is one you need to be tapping into. In 2017, the percentage of workers spending at least a portion of their time working from home in the United States was 43%, up from only 39% in 2012. This signifies a deepening pool of agile, flexible, remote talent that you can put to work within your organization.

Can you imagine how productive a remote team working outside of your business premises can be? Can you envisage how well your business could be performing in the market with the right approach to development? Can you picture the broader benefits to your organization?

To find out more about connecting with developmental expertise and innovation within your business, get in touch with our team today. Your journey towards getting your ideas and projects out there in the market begins here.