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GETTY/IO is South America’s largest remote front-end development firm, that is specialized in modern Javascript technologies.

We are a global company that helps startups and enterprises from all around the world scale their development teams by providing them the top remote developers from South America.

We believe in people. Our developers have access to an environment of incredible opportunities regardless of the level of experience.

We are a team of people dedicated to make difference and learn new things together every day.

What we are looking for?

You are a developer who cares about the client, code, tests, deployment and how to become a better person and professional everyday.


  • You know git 

  • You know scrum and agile

  • You do pair programming

  • You write clean and tested code

  • You are always learning to write a better code

  • You are fluent in English, written and spoken

  • You want to become a top full stack developer

  • You know modern javascript technologies

Soft Skills

  • You over-communicate

  • You don't attach your personal self to ideas

  • You use transparency as a tool to help others

  • You strive to approach things in a positive and optimistic way

  • You avoid criticizing or condemning team members or users

  • You deliberately do things that make you feel uncomfortable

  • You don’t make assumptions, you instead ask that extra question

  • You approach customer conversations with humility and the knowledge

  • You are always working to improve your skills

  • You are always working to be an expert in your field

  • You get excited about opportunities to help others

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